The Afghanistan National Institute Of Music (ANIM) honour Aryana Sayeed, with an award for bravery.

Aryana has held public music concerts on a number of occasions in Afghanistan, including her show to mark Afghanistan’s Independence Day in August.

This comes amid strong opposition of such events by some extremist groups – who are opposed to the promotion and growth of artistic and cultural programs in the country.

ANIM bestowed the honor on Aryana following her successful concerts in the country. But this came after extremist groups were vehemently opposed to Aryana’s Independence Day show and tried to shut it down.

However, the concert went ahead as planned.

“After concert in Samangan, Herat and Bamiyan, the extremist groups were following the musical and cultural programs step by step and were standing against these programs and concerts were cancelled one after another,” said Ahmad Nasir Sarmast, the head of ANIM.

“They (extremists) wanted to stop the concert in the Afghan capital … would their next demand have been to close the doors of the National Institute of Music? Aryana Jan, on Afghanistan’s Independence Day, stood against the extremists and held the concert,” Sarmast added.

Meanwhile, Aryana said: “The concert on Afghanistan’s Independence Day would not have happened if it had not been supported by the people including men and women.”

Source – ToloNews

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