Alia Bhatt Gets Traditional for New Role in 2 States

Audiences are most used to seeing the beautiful and bubbly Alia Bhatt in tough, gritty roles that play to her vivacious and feisty nature. So viewers are in for a very pleasant surprise with Alia’s forthcoming film 2 States, when the acclaimed young actress will assume the guise of a fresh-faced South Indian girl, complete with traditional South Indian attire and mannerisms.
Alia Bhatt & Arjun Kapoor - 2 States

The versatile and talented Alia plays ‘Ananya Swaminathan’, a headstrong and opinionated young woman, who is confined by the demands and rigors of an orthodox Tamil upbringing. To prepare for her conservative role, it is reported that Alia undertook intense training to perfect the detailed nuances of the South Indian accent and the particular cultural gestures that are prevalent in South India. An integral part of Alia’s preparation was getting the clothing just right. In the film she is seen in a variety of conventional garments, from colourful Ghagra-Cholis to fitted Salwar Kameez and even a Sari. The conventional look is completed with bright bangles, Bindis and long flowing Dupattas.

Alia Bhatt’s look in 2 States is a marked contrast to her more modern, savvy roles in such films as Student Of The Year and Highway, and is seen as further proof of her acting talent and versatility as a performer.

2 States releases worldwide through UTV Motion Pictures on 18th April 2014.