Fashion Designer Gaurang Sets Trend for ‘Made In Jamdani’ Women’s Wear

Jamdani weaves revivilist Gaurang Shah Inspires new age celebs like Sonam Kapoor, Chitrangada, Sonali Bendre, Tapsee Pannu, Ashwini Ponappa, Priya Mani and the ever fascinating Kiron Kher.

Taking advantage of his weavers spirit and creative energy, self taught fashion designer Gaurang Shah, has created excitement for over 500 weavers from across India when their motivation were fading away.

​​Si​nce 2011​, Gaurang has initiated a Jamdani Weaves Wave with his nature inspired design in India, made a significant economic impact in the villages of Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Kolkata and did it all by following his single minded vision to make Indian weaves popular.

Master weavers from Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kolkatta, Chennai who collaborate and with Gaurang say ‘Gaurang motivates us and raise our creative bar each time he meets us with an intriguing design, texture and pattern. He always made us believe that hand craft will never fade as long as we can keep pace with modern times without losing the essence of our culture and tradition which is unparalleled worldover.”

Gaurang-LFW-2013-1The designer reached fascinating milestones, including global recognition for winning the best Indian weaves designer award at Lakme Fashion Week winter fest in 2012. His story is not one of luck or overnight success, but one of lessons learned, hard work, and patience. There were times he says that his almirah were overflowing with no customers, today customers wait patiently for his collection and no time his almirah is ready for fresh stock.

Gaurang first conceptualized his fashion design journey sitting in his father’s small store which sold saris at the age of 8. As he grew up, he felt that woman will be ready to move beyond georgette and chiffons saris if presented with alternative fabric, textures and patterns. His vision was to create saris made in traditional ‘jamdani Weaves’ on handwoven fabrics and implying eco-friendly techniques like use of natural dyes etc and giving a modern twist to our traditional fabrics.

After his college education, he travelled the length and breadth of the country and convinced jamdani weaver families that potential still exist for their craft if they are willing to change. ‘I gave the confidence that my designs will change the course of their life’ Gaurang says. They were ready. Today, after over a decade he has build the finest team that consists over 500 weavers.

His tyrest with a major fashion show began with Lakme Fashion Week in the summer of 2012. It was not easy for the young designer to make it to the talent box but he persisted and got the opportunity. He never looked backed, today he is touted as one of the most admired fashion designers whose collections are eagerly awaited in the show. The same year Gaurang charmed the LFW audience with his Ardhangini Collections, an uncoventional Kanjeevaram blended with kalamkari which got him the best designer award.

His first international debut happened when he was invited by the worlds largest Eco Design organisors in Berlin invited him to showcased his Khadi collections at the Lavera Eco Fashion Show, he did not dissappoint the International audience. He showcased to the International fashion fraternity Khadi with a compeletely new twist , which is body friendly and he made it lighterusing 80-100 count. Using Jamdani weave he made the dull khadi look brighter with smart color tones and varying textures blending with natural dyes.

“My design challenges the weaver” it takes a minimum of 5 to 6 months to weave a sari. Gaurang says. He has a hard task everytime, to motivate his weavers. He says unless I challenge them with new designs and the economic potential their work has globally, I foresee the art of hand woven fabric fading away, which is very disheartening for a designer like me, as I love Indian weaves and I am confident it has fine potential to become a global trendsetter in the years to come.

Today, Gaurang’s Khadi collections are one the most sought after attires by the modern Indian woman. From sari he has extended his collections to straight fits, jump suits and anarkalis. His most recent innovation was his twist to Kalamkari in LFW winter fest that got him the best designer award, where he brought vibrancy to the otherwise dull Kalamkari. It was the charismatic Kiron Kher who does not stop raving about Gaurang’s creation took the ramp as his showstopper. ‘I love his creations and I am among the first who wait to hear from him about his new arrivals’ Kiron Kher says.

Gaurang opened his own label ‘GAURANG’ a premium high end couture store in the upmarket Jubilee Hills area in Hyderabad. He plans to open GAUARANG label store in New Delhi, other major Indian Cities and plans to open a store in Dubai..

Khadi-byGaurang-berlinToday Gaurang has 2 stores in Mumbai. He will be opening 3 more stores. One in Mumbai, Kolkatta, and In Bangalore. He will also open a store in Dubai followed by a store in New Delhi.​

New Age celebs like ​Sonam Kapooor, Kirron Kher​ Tapsee Pannu, Ashwini Ponappa and Priya Mani also vouch for Gaurang’s creations as they find he brings a perfect twist, blending past with the present. We love his intricacy and the way he mixes and matches Khadi, Silk and Cotton in his unseen 6 yard saris, flowing gowns and even most modern jumpsuits says these celebs. His collections are liked by prominent political, industrialist and celebrity families.