Sister’s Kareena and Karishma together with the US secretary of State?

The India Today Conclave, 2018 saw the Kapoor Clan come together for: Film, Family & Feminism.

The gorgeous sisters defined woman power in style in a picture with the US secretary of State – Hilary Clinton.

When asked about nepotism, Karishma said, “It’s about talent. Se may be anybody’s children or grandchildren. But once you are on the silver screen, you are anyone. Anyone can criticise you. They also revealed that the two have never been competitive. “I don’t think we have ever had that competitive vibe. By God’s grace, we both have had great careers and have made our own little contribution to Hindi cinema.” revealed Karishma. She also categorically stated – It’s a male-dominated industry and has always been for generations. But it’s changing slowly.

Kareena Kapoor Khan added in an official statement, “It’s an honour to return to India Today Conclave and I am very excited as I will be sharing the stage with one of my inspirations, my sister Karisma Kapoor. The Conclave is one of the best platforms for great minds to come together to share great experiences, ideas, and way forward. We will talk about our family and its contribution to the Indian entertainment business, about films and feminism.”