Amir Khan v Julio Diaz – and the Winner is…AMIR KHAN

Back on home soil, after two years, Amir Khan is back.  Tonight he takes on fellow former world champion Julio Diaz in Sheffield.

Khan took very positive steps in rebuilding his career last december when Carlos Molina retired after the 10th round.

What a fight! Amir fell in the forth round when Amir was out of balance however Amir recomposed himself.

Amir got a massive reception from his fans in the UK. He was very happy with the support.

”Julio was a tough fighter,a two time world champion, he knew what he was doing” Amir Khan.

‘He never gave up, i spent too many rounds trying to break him down’ – Julio Diaz.

Julio came to the UK to win but sadly lost the fight against King Khan, Amir Khan.

Amir Khan will take some time off and will return in the ring in December 2013.