Bambi Bains return’s to the music scene with Duniya

Breakthrough British Asian singer Bambi Bains returns with a brand new empowering single ‘Duniya’.

SImilar to her hit single ‘Retro Rari’, the bilingual track combines a unique urban punjabi sound produced by producer Shaye.

‘Duniya’ resonates with those who have struggles at times in their life to feel confident. It is a care free track that seeks to inspire and uplift listeners, especially during these uncertain times.

‘The primary message in this song is about believing in yourself. I’m from a modest background and i’ve been told my whole life that i’m not good enough. I wanted to create a song for all the people who have experienced being put down and told they would never achieve their dreams. It does’nt matter what class you’re from, anyone can change the world if they try hard enough” said Bambi Bains.

Duniya is set to release on the 4th March 2021.