British Asian influencers launch #RangDe

‘Rang De’, an innovative digital campaign featuring British Asian influencers, celebrated its launch with a special event in London earlier this month.

The event marked the launch of the #RangDe viral video and an exclusive portrait photo exhibition, with a canvas display of each individual talent involved in the campaign. The event took place at Chai Thali Restaurant in Camden with music by Panjabi Hit Squad and an impromptu performance from Juggy D.

‘Rang De’ comes alive in a short motion feature with display of talent; smashing colours, dancing and sunshine smiles welcoming positivity and effervescence of personalities merging into the clouds of bright colours and stylized motions.

Anisha Vasani says: “Creative Circle is a digital collaborative platform that celebrates infinitive talent from British and Asian creatives worldwide & from all walks of life. Both myself and Saran have come together on numerous occasions to collaborate on various projects, through creatively directing campaign shoots for brands to styling celebrities and we have conducted and executed many events together over the past decade. We wanted to launch the platform with an exciting collaboration campaign to celebrate British-Asian talent and the global cultural festival of Holi through colours of beauty and fashion, with a concept that embraces our cultural roots and a twist of modern heritage. We are both very excited to bring the collective of celebrities and influencers together to launch the Creative Circle platform.”

Singer Juggy D adds: “Holi is a wonderful celebration of colour and fun and it’s been a fantastic experience celebrating here in the UK with fellow industry colleagues through this project.”

Image Credit – Aidan CK Photography 

The video feature can be watched below: