It’s not a birthday without the Desi Birthday Anthem!

Shot in Lahore Pakistan with an enhanced colourful setting, Maz’s Desi Birthday Anthem is a catchy, punjabi anthem which will have you dancing in no time!

Maz is one of Britain’s reputable British Asian Artists, followed by a huge fanbase globally. Tik Toker’s are hooked on the track already with thousands of Tik Tok videos being made to the trailer.

‘We set a completely different vibe out there for this shoot, i wanted it to look different, colourful and fun! I really enjoyed shooting with Romaisa who flew in from Karachi to get involved. I wanted to write & compose a track that is easy to sing along to, catchy and a song that livens up parties. I think i have the right balance with Desi Birthday Anthem and i’m looking forward to performing my new track, once the gigs scene starts again’’ – Maz added.

Featuring Pakistani sensation Romaisa Khan, Maz Bonafide is back with a great birthday banger! Check out the sing along below.