Feryna Wazheir set to make her debut on Silverscreen

Talented British-Asian actress Feryna Wazheir who stole audiences hearts in Raj Kanwar’s Sadiyaan today is set to return to the silver screen with news of a movie deal with the youth-focused cutting edge studio iRock films.

Siddhartha M Jain, CEO of iRock says: “Feryna has been cast in an iRock film and we will pitch her in a fun, youth-centric and high concept edgy film, details for which we will be announcing soon.”


Ms Wazheir, who has been described by the late great Yash Chopra as beauty, innocence and vulnerability” is now ready to embrace a new, more dynamic and daring image to fit in with the urban style of iRock’s portfolio.

 “This is an exciting time for Indian movies and I believe that iRock’s style is going to allow me to show my versatility as an actress. I am as comfortable working on a serious independent film as well as a hip, happening and edgy movie! I’m happy that Siddhartha saw potential in me and has faith in me being able to deliver his vision. Feryna Wazheir.