Film Review: Tom & Jerry the Movie

It’s great to see the duo back in action!

The official poster for “Tom & Jerry” (2021) shows the characters riding on a skateboard through the streets of New York City, like they are up to no good.

”A modern take on the original cat and mouse act’’. Natasha Syed (Editor or Desimag)

Directed by Tim Story, the movie comes across too human for our liking. In this modern reboot of the beloved show, Jerry, a mouse, takes up residence in a New York City hotel just before the wedding of two celebrities is set to take place. The hotel’s new events manager has to find a way to get rid of the mouse before the big event, so the wedding is not ruined, and hires Tom, a cat, to hunt down Jerry.

Image credit – Warner Bros

The movie lacks the classic cat and mouse act we all saw in the cartoon, in fact it represents a few scenes of chasing and the usual shenanigans so this movie has really missed its mark and left little impression for the viewers.

There doesn’t seem to be any backstory on the main character Kyla and it’s a shame that Tom and Jerry didn’t come across as the main characters in their own movie?

Kyla (Chloe Grace Moretz) character comes across a bit random. It seems like director Tim Story was delivering two different comedies, and didn’t quite blend Tom and Jerry with the human cast who also failed to be as humorous as we thought.

There is nothing new, original or fresh presented to the audience with its hybrid concept. This concept has already been exploited in better movies that used the hybrid approach brilliantly, such as Robert Zemeckis’ Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Joe Pytka’s Space Jam to name a few.

The animated pair didn’t seem to be the main leads in their own movie but there was a sense of nostalgia present throughout.  The movie fell short on the usual, constant war between Tom and Jerry but does a good job on maintaining the animosity between them. Its a satisfying movie and does the job to keep kids entertained.

We score it 5/10