Hani King gives us a smooth tune for Valentine’s!

After the overwhelming response and success of the Nazron Sey, which was released by India’s top music labels “Speed Records”

Hani King is releasing a Valentines Day Special Unplugged Version of NAZRON SEY!

The lyrics were inspired by Hani King’s past relationship where he learned a valuable lesson- not to be fooled by appearances. In the end, looks do not mean anything, everything that is within a person is what makes a person beautiful and at the very least- HUMAN.

“Innocent appearance and innocuous talk, but there is a difference between what they say and what they mean though their face is like that of the moon, O God save us from the schemes of their hearts!”

Hani King is set to release a string of tracks this year and some to be produced by the artist himself. Videos and sounds will be exploding and he also has events lined up in the UK and in the Middle East.

Dare to be impressed!

‘NAZRON SEY’ Unplugged Valentines Special is available to download and now released Worldwide