How to Pack for Weekend Trips

We believe that packing for a weekend away depends on many factors which include the weather, and your personal style. But we want  do share some vital tips to help you pack for successfully.

If your a technophobic then you have to bring my laptop. Pack what makes you feel your best and what won’t hold you back from adventure, its a key to packing.

Here are five things to think about while you’re packing for your next weekend trip away:

1. Never underestimate the power of a plastic bag.

To have a plastic bag is a big plus point. Charges, jewellery, toiletries like Contact lens solutions, medication, lotion, you can also use the same bag for Laundry on short trips.

2. Wear the same outfit on both flights.

Why not? The key here is to always wear your heaviest items, like winter coats and big boots, on the plane. Travelers often end up in quite a different climate when they disembark at their destination, and planes themselves can be pretty cold, so layering your clothing is always a good way to go. People who travel frequently know that the best way to dress for airplanes is as comfy as possible, avoid Nylon as it attracts heat and burns very easily. For Women: If you must fly in business attire, wear socks and trainers for the flight portion and change into your heels and nylons in the rest room at the airport.

3. Be prepared.  If you are only going for a few days do a lot of research about your destination ahead of time. Useful Tips: Save tweets, quotes, articles, friends’ advice, Word of mouth is by far the best experience. Use SugarSync to link to your laptop or phone so it’s all at your fingertips, in one place to refer back to. It’s a great way to see events, book tickets to shows, accommodations ect.

4. Keep calm and carry-on.

Tick list on what is essential  – Your passport, credit cards, and medications. As long as you have the essential’s, you dont really need much else. Most other things can be purchased later if left behind. Never check a bag on a weekend getawat! That’s when you start adding and getting flustered. That said, quality luggage is a must. We recommend Tumi. It’s “stylish and durable. Remember to only fly with a material bag rather then a bag which is plastic as the weighed of the plastic Luggage bag will most definatly onl allow you to have a few essentials packed!

5. Keep it light people!

Do not weigh yourself down. Left your book’s behind? don’t worry take you Ipad /Kindle with you or buy magazines at the airport. Leave all your worries behind! It’s time to Relax!

Do you have tips for packing for weekend getaways? Let us know below…