Italian fashion designer Danila Dubuà new collection: Oeuvres d’Art

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Danila Dubuà

Long, short, with tulle or silks chiffon, the collection of Danila Dubuà has turned on the lights on her. Eclectic stylist of the colors has marked with her inconfondable style her new collection spring/summer.

The best Italian stores and internationals are already ordering her dresses, having a Dubuà is yet a privilege.

From Cocktails or Great Suare’s Danila Dubuà‘s clothes are recognized for style, elegance and quality, who owns a Dubuà embellishes his person, shows its own character, because having a Dubuà means to have character and style.

Green, fuchsia, lilac, silver color to its mood of summer.

Inspired by the works of art from around the world, Danila Dubuà for his new collection, Oeuvres d’Art, created for every head of a work of art by mixing the character of sequins with the lightness of organza in a perfect symphony of color and style. By Gaetano Adinolfi


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Danila Dubuà
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Danila Dubuà