Karan Johar Submits His Resignation To MAMI Board

Dharma Productions head guru and director Karan Johar who was previously extremely active on social media have become quiet after the backlash he received after superstar Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

The director who had taken to his Instagram to express his sadness at the demise of Sushant was indirectly held responsible for pushing the actor to take such a drastic step.

Sushants fans pointed fingers to many bollywood biggies for nepotism which included KJo as a leader of nepotism who had boycotted the late actor and his efforts across many projects.

Only earlier this month, after Sushant’s death we saw a huge number of KJo’s followers disappear…around 300k of them…thats a big number!

Karan is currently maintaining a low profile on social media and although MAMI’s chairperson and actress Deepika Padukone tried to convince Karan to stick around, it turns out the director had already made up his mind. Seems like he doesn’t want to take on such a big responsibility to be a talent scout anymore.

Image: Karan Johar, (Source: Instagram | @karanjohar)

By Divya Shah