Kareena Kapoor launches new APP

Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Jacqueline Fernandez have often come forward to promote women safety in our country. Now lately, it was Kareena Kapoor Khan who launched an application aimed at making women in India feel safer. According to Kareena, the app helps you connect to your family when you are in trouble and the actress is pleased with the response it has been getting from everyone.
kareena app
Like many other apps available in the market, all this app requires you to do is press a button which will send automatically generated messages along with the location details of the phone to four numbers selected by you.
The App includes the following:

1. FightBack: This app is available for almost all smartphones. Not only it uses the phone’s GPS, SMS, and Maps, but also the Facebook account of the person to alert their dear ones in an emergency.

2. Cab4me: This is a very useful app which allows you to quickly search for taxi stands near your location and you can book a cab right on it. In an emergency, you can quickly glance through your self-made favourite list in order to book a cab without wasting any time looking for a cab on a deserted road.

3. SafeBridge: This is the best app for someone who doesn’t have any way to access the internet at the time of an emergency. It uses your phone’s SMS to send your location quickly to somebody pre-selected.