Karle Pyaar Karle – Official Trailer – Shiv Darshan, Hasleen Kaur

Bollywood Superstar, Akshay Kumar, tweets his support for Shiv Darshan’s screen debut
Having worked on numerous film projects with Suneel Darshan, Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar, has taken to Twitter to show his support for the screen debut of the acclaimed filmmaker’s son, Shiv Darshan, in the upcoming film release, Karle Pyar Karle. The superstar tweeted, “Looking forward to seeing the boy who literally grew up in front of me, Shiv Darshan in Karle Pyar Karle releasing next month, produced by my director of many films, Suneel Darshan. Wishing the father-son duo all the best.”
shiv desimag

Bollywood newcomer, Shiv Darshan, who makes his screen debut in the upcoming release, Karle Pyar Karle, filmed with a real tiger at the tiger temple in Bangkok. Speaking candidly about the experience he said, “To be honest, I was scared as just before taking the shot, the tiger trainer told me, ‘Please stay behind the tiger and avoid coming in his direct view as there is a possibility that he may then attack you.’ I was really scared as I had somehow assumed that the tiger had been sedated for this shot. So I had to look like this bad-ass, though I was really scared from inside.”

Presented by Shree Krishna International and distributed in the UK by B4U, Karle Pyar Karle releases on 17th January 2014.