The last showing of DDLJ in India!

Last showing for Bollywood film that has played in same cinema for 20 years.

Bollywood classic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge finally ends its run at Mumbai’s Marathi Mandir cinema after a whoping 1009 weeks.

The romantic comedy, which translates as The Brave-Hearted Will Take The Bride, first began screening at Mumbai’s Marathi Mandir cinema on 20 October, 1995 when its star Shah Rukh Khan was still a relative unknown.

The theatre seats 1,105 people, and for an average showing of the movie, around a hundred seats were occupied, with tickets priced between 15 (Dh0.9) and 20 rupees.

Given the cost of air-conditioning the theatre, as well as the revenue lost from being unable to screen other new releases, Maratha Mandir needed to cut its ties with DDLJ. Said mr Desia, the cinema owner.

But the decision was a hard one, Mr Desai said. “For so many people, watching DDLJ here became a habit, and similarly, it became a habit for us to screen it,” he said.