Like Father Like Son

 Akshay’s son Aarav (11),  has been recognised as being quite the philanthropist himself.

Aarav often pays visits to the charitable institutions and donates clothes and toys to underprivileged children. The generous youngster constantly has an ear open for new social causes where his father and himself may be able to contribute. Both father and son take the time to regularly clean up their cupboards together and gather all the things that they do not feel that they need, then Aarav heads down to the local orphanage in Andheri and delivers the goods to all the children.

Aarav is extremely eco-conscious nudging everyone to plant trees, not to litter the streets and to recycle materials, a tad like his dad. When he heard about an initiative to educate poor children, he knew that his father would be interested and nudged Akshay to research more about this initiative so that he can make a contribution to fund the childrens’ education.

Although rare of someone of this age, judging by Akshay’s love for philanthropy, it goes to show that family really does set the example and Aarav is naturally following in the footsteps of his philanthropic father.