Luxury South Asian Fashion Is Just a Click Away With …

London, UK – Luxury fashion boutique, has launched, showcasing the latest in high-end South Asian fashion. Carefully curated clothing includes versatile runway pieces and glam Bollywood-style couture, for trendsetting, professional women.

The brainchild of two fashion-savvy entrepreneurs, Neha Oberoi and Snigdha Reddy, Scarlet Bindi is dedicated to making the very latest ethnic trends available in the UK.
“South Asian fashion is booming and with the internet and apps like instagram and twitter, garments are available for us to view seconds after they hit the catwalks,” says Neha Oberoi, Founder and Director, Scarlet Bindi. “A big problem that I discovered is that by the time those styles hit stores in the UK, that trends have generally moved on – and that’s where Scarlet Bindi comes in.

“Scarlet Bindi is dedicated to bringing the very latest, customised couture straight to the doorstep of fashion-conscious women. We have worked hard to design a straightforward, easy-to-navigate website featuring detailed information on the clothes, accessories, designers and even a fashion blog to make purchasing as simple as possible, especially for busy women on the go.”

Scarlet Bindi is dedicated to highlighting South Asian fashion and proudly showcases emerging new designers from India, Canada and the UK, including Sapana Amin, Neha Khullar and Preeti S. Kapoor, with fashion icon Satya Paul featured as well.

Snigdha Reddy, Director Scarlet Bindi explains; “South Asian fashion is so incredibly exciting right now. It’s constantly evolving and new creative designers are cropping up every season. However, very few have the opportunity to showcase their designs to an international audience, so Scarlet Bindi is proud to provide that platform.”

The inspiration behind Scarlet Bindi came after fashion-blogger, Neha Oberoi noticed a shortage of high-quality made to measure clothing in the UK. She also had difficulty finding styles that were popular in the subcontinent, in stores in the UK. Fellow fashion- blogger Snigdha Reddy also noticed a shortage of up-to-the-minute fashion ranges.

The pair met through blogosphere and brought Scarlet Bindi to life through hard work, belief and dedication to provide fashionable women with the latest South Asian trends.

With a strong eye for style, a business model that customises items to the client’s specifications and a high quality control process, high-end designer pieces are now just a click away with Scarlet Bindi.