Manish Malhotra Invades the UK

From National Bingo Night in India to the bingo halls in the UK.

One of the most talented fashion designers in India, Manish Malhorta, has gained both local and international recognition for his impressive line of formal wear, party wear, casual wear, and even bridal wear. He recently launched his 2013 formal wear collection for women in the United Kingdom, which features elegant gowns and Anarkali frocks. Malhorta is known for his superb embroidery work in each dress and the colours range from maroon and red to black to brown. Each dress can be considered a work of art because of the intricate details that Malhorta did for each gown. Before the Indian fashion guru made it big in the United Kingdom, he started to catch the attention of fashionistas for dressing up the host of National Bingo Night.

This game show was quite popular in India because many people there enjoy playing bingo. The National Bingo Night was inspired by the game show (which has the same name) that was aired in the United States a few years ago. This interactive game show was participated by both the audience in the studio and the people watching at home, which made it more fun. The producers of the Indian game show chose Bollywood superstar Abhishek Bachchan to host the show. The actor received positive feedback not only for his natural talent for hosting, but for his fashion style as well. The person responsible for Bachchan’s suave look was Manish Malhorta. He said in an interview, “The clothes I’ve selected for Abhishek are simple and chic, very Abhishek – The Bandhgala designed for him is contemporary and it’s nice to see him in casual shirts and peppy waistcoats that we don’t often see him in normally.”

Manish Malhorta’s casual and semi-formal wear collection for both men and women have a bright future in the United Kingdom. It will be a huge hit among the managers of Castle Bingo Club and moderators of Betfair bingo – with the hope of acquiring the same style that Abhishek Bachchan showed off during his stint at the National Bingo Night. Who knows? We might soon see celebrity bingo players like Robbie Williams, Emma Bunton, and Kate Moss wear a Malhorta outfit.