Maz Bonafide is back with DIL CHEER ft Naseebo Lal & Zernab Shastri

The eagerly anticipated ‘Dil Cheer’ by Maz Bonafide ft legendary singer Naseebo Lal is out now! 

Dil Cheer is a romantic melodious tune which has touched the hearts of thousands of fans worldwide. Released two days ago, the song has already climbed to over 160,000 views via youtube. Featuring Tik Tok influencer Zernab Shastri, the music video was shot in central Lahore, Pakistan. 

‘I wrote this song back in 2016 and after sharing the track with legend Naseebo Lal, she instantly loved the lyrics i wrote and wanted to get involved. I was honoured to have her vocals on this track and we wanted to make sure it was released this year’ – Maz Bonafide

”I really enjoyed shooting ”Dil Cheer” in a Cadillac, it was a super cool experience. The video looks amazing and i thank Maz for getting me involved’’ – Zernab Shastri

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