Mukkabaaz is an absolute must watch

It’s certainly a strong 2018 movie. Sports movies usually have a strong grip on their storyline.

Mukkabaaz has alot of interestingcharacters, yet the story is profoundly different.

It’s an illustration of true events. This film, is loosely based on a true story and focuses on the cross-caste romance between Shravan and Sunaina (Zoya Hussain), the feisty, mute niece of gangster boxing promoter Bhagwan Das (Jimmy Shergill, struggling with decidedly uncomfortable-looking contact lenses). How cool right?

It’s certainly not your usual bollywood rom-com.

Like Kashyap’s,  The Gangs of Wasseypur, this is gritty, gangster, and filthy!

It’s a heavyweight cross-caste love story!