Outlandish say it’s time to move on!

After 20 long years, the three guys from the Danish band Outlandish, have chosen to say goodbye and see you later!

It’s time to move on. We have been blessed with a 20 year long and beautiful career. We have met so many people, seen so many places and experienced so much. We were three boys from the suburbs with dreams of conquering the world, but we have honestly earned so much more,

Outlandish met for the first time in a youth as young boys, and after a short time they began rapping together.


The amount of love and respect that we have received as people and artists, surpasses any price to win, and any amount of money you can earn.


Established in 1997,  Isam Bachiri, Lenny Martinez and Waqas Qadri formed the band Outlandish in collaboration with the record label BMG and released their first single ‘Pacific two Pacific‘.


So where are they all from?

Isam from Morocco, Lenny from Honduras and Waqas from Pakistan, and it was exactly their ethnic backgrounds, that helped them to decide on the band name – Outlandish!

The boys have decided to work on their solo career’s which means they are not out of the scene completely. Waqas has music coming out in the next couple of weeks.

Their breakthrough single was the famous ‘Walou’ (watch below).


In our hearts we know that it is time to put the band in the grave and start on other things separately. 20 years is a long time, and we do not feel that we have more to give as Outlandish, so instead of just getting by and not give you the best, we will probably stop here, they write.