Priti Menon returns with “Maan Loon”

She dedicating her first single ”Khabida” to Grammy and Academy award winning musician AR Rahman and now Priti Menom is set to feature her vocals on her next song with newcomer Kishan Amin.

Maan Loon means ‘you mean to me and to my life”. The lyrics are deep with a more general meaning of  feeling like your floating in heaven, everything feels so surreal, so magical, all because of you’.

Maan Loon is more of an R’n’B style tune with great vocals from this young talent.

‘I want people to see that I’m versatile and don’t just sing one style. I hope to win the hearts of listeners with this song,” said Priti

Already generating a lot of interest with music critics, DJs and fans alike, Maan Loon, has been produced by Rax Timyr, who hold’s credentials that include Rishi Rich and amazing Mumzy Stranger.

“I was graced by the beautiful and very talented Priti Menon to walk through my doors. The song is an endearing with very heartfelt lyrics, which suited both Kish and Priti’s vocals. I wanted the song to stand out, so rather than giving it typical Indian arrangements, I decided to bring a bit of Neyo soul flavour to the mix”, said Rax Timyr.