Priyanka Chopra Flies high as ‘Ishani’ in Disney’s ‘Planes’

What an amazing voice! The actress lends her voice to Ishani, an Indian plane that crosses flight paths with an American aircraft voiced by Dane Cook, in the eagerly awaited 3D Disney animated feature.

The movie is an action-packed comedy adventure about Dusty’s dream of competing as a high-flying air racer despite his fear of heights.

Priyanka Chopra Flies high as ‘Ishani’ in Disney’s ‘Planes’


”She is like me. She has an amazing propeller and so do I. (Laughs). There is a really cute line in the movie where Ishani turns around and she walks away and Dusty looks at her and says, “Wow, look at her propeller.” That was me, that line was me…

Ishani, she is this confident, tough chic who is amazing at what she does. She’s a champion plane from Asia. She’s in a race which is all boys and she’s confident about herself. She’s a lot like me: she’s spunky, she’s fun, she’s sexy. I really wanted Ishani to be a lot like me, and I hope that’s happened”. Priyanka mentioned.

Priyanka Chopra recently met with American Idol judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul.

The Barfi! star is currently in the US to promote her latest international single ‘Exotic’ and the 3D animated film Planes, in which she provides the voice for a character named Ishani.

Out August 9th in 3D.