A R Rahman wembley concert 2017

A. R. Rahman is currently celebrating his 25 years in the music industry. Currently performing in London, Rahman told Reuters in an interview that much of the success he has had is because of his religious beliefs.

Rahman was born into a Hindu family. However, in his 20s, he converted to Islam and adopted Sufism as the philosophy of life.

“Islam is an ocean, you know, it has different sects. More than 70. So I follow the Sufi kind of philosophy which is about love,” Rahman said. “I am what I am because of the philosophy I’m following, my family is following. And of course, many things are happening, and I feel it’s mostly political.”

The 50-year-old soft-spoken artist has a long list of accolades, including two Oscars, two Grammys and a Golden Globe. The ever-so-humble Mozart of Madras has over 160 film soundtracks to his name, including the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire and high-grossing films like Lagaan and Taal.

Nevertheless, Rahman says he has a lot more to achieve and hopes his music would keep bringing people together.

“If you take an orchestra, you have the underprivileged and the privileged, playing together. We have different races playing together. We have different religions playing together. But one sound comes out,” he said. “You work towards one harmony.”

Meanwhile Kiran Rai and Ajit covered the Pride of London alongside Sadiq Khan and got the exclusive footage and photos backstage.

Covered by Kiran Rai and Ajit Kumar.