Rani Mukerji to meet everyday champions during Hichki tour

Rani Mukerji will travel the length and breadth of the country to promote her forthcoming film, Hichki. The acclaimed actress will focus her efforts to take the film’s positive message of turning weaknesses into strength to audiences. Hichki applauds the positivity of the human spirit and the will to never succumb to social stigmas. So, as part of the film’s promotions, Rani will interact with real life people who have overcome great difficulties like discrimination, prejudice, social stigmas, social estrangement to achieve success.

Rani has always been a people’s person, easily connecting with audiences and fans and everyday champions. Her ability to connect with people has been the driving thought for this idea. A source says, “Hichki talks about treating any difficulty like a hiccup and moving forward to achieve your goal. Rani is keen to meet, interact with and highlight those who have overcome real difficulties in their lives during Hichki promotions. She has been deeply moved while shooting for her character who has Tourette syndrome. She has been inspired by people who live with their weaknesses every day and record victories against them every single day. She will meet such people across the country while touring for the film’s promotions.”