Saif Ali Khan: “Chef is one of my best works”

aif Ali Khan is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film, Chef — an official remake of American film Chef released in 2014. Playing the character of a New York based chef, Saif shares how he trained under a professional chef at a five star hotel for the role.

“I enjoyed it. My director wanted me to be comfortable in the kitchen. People usually cheat in movies with scenes of cutting and chopping, but we have done that well. But I found frying relatively easy, I am now an expert at it,” laughs Saif.

What attracted him to Chef was its modern take on relationships and its complexities. “It shows the relevant issue among urban middle classes and the upwardly mobile people who have work pressures and have trouble balancing family with work. The situation that the character is in, I found to be funny, touching, amusing, interesting. We have tried to keep the performance natural. It’s one of my best works. There is effortless acting. There is drama but we haven’t gone overboard. I like how I have done it,” says Saif.

Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, Chef is out in cinemas tomorrow.