Serena…Dream Girl!

Rishi Rich delivers yet another amazing song in the form of ‘Dream‘. The beauty behind the vocals is South Indian born Serena Kern who despite currently having a high flying career as a lawyer in a top London firm, still finds time to do her daily voice exercises!

Growing up listening to many Rishi Rich productions, she decided to get in touch with him and having heard her voice and ideas, she found herself in a studio inAtlanta with the man himself creating her new EP ‘Dream‘.

Serena says: “I have always liked to experiment with sounds from various cultures. Rishi is a master of fusion music and this EP has a particularly strong Indian flavour and theme throughout, from instruments to other featured vocalists on the tracks.



Serena is from Tamil Nadu and is half Swiss. Consuming various genres of music, it wasn’t until she got to university and began singing at open mic sessions that she discovered how in love with music she really was! Singing mainly cover versions, she quickly realised that she wasn’t able to connect with the songs and decided to give songwriting a try.

Dream is set for release on the 7th May 2015 via iTunes and other digital stores.