Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone together in London

Shah Rukh Khan & Deepika Paducone have arrived in London for the next leg of his promotional tour for Chennai Express. Set to be the film to watch for 2013, the soundtrack holds very catchy beats and the trailer proves its worth the wait.

Talking about the film, which releases during Eid, Khan went on to say: “We have these ‘holiday period films’, where the idea is to entice the whole family to come out to see a film.

“I also personally feel that Rohit Shetty is one of the few directors in the country right now that has a genre of his own which is the Rohit Shetty genre. It really is mass appeal. Family appeal kind of film, honest without any frills or trappings, except that they would have a good laugh, they have great songs.

“It’s a family entertainer. It comes at a good time. Whether it’s Eid or Diwali or Christmas. Those are the times when people like to have family outings so it has that kind of appeal.”

“Landing at the Heathrow. This city does talk to me. I feel all wanted here and the books that I can buy! Yay!”

SRK tweeted: “Ok then. London trip coming to end. Feltham last stop…then onward to Dubai.Film promotions should be like a family outing,as this has been.”

The actress explains: “She is a Tamil girl from Tamil Nadu. The ‘amma’ bit is just a term of endearment similar to how we add ‘ji’ to ‘Pinkyji’ in the North. My character has been brought up strictly by her single parent dad who wants to marry her off to a guy she does not know so she runs away and that’s how she meets Rahul (SRK).”

“I had to kick Shah Rukh’s but in a scene and I could have done it in one take but I deliberately goofed up many times! Shah Rukh would always say that our next film together has to be as special as our first. I’m glad ‘Chennai Express’ happened and excited.” Deepika Paducone.

“I was apprehensive yes but not about the director who has a proven mega-hit record but about the genre of the film. It is a complete comedy and this is a difficult genre to get right. You have to be prepared to make a fool of yourself and you cannot fake comic timing. I was not comfortable in my first few films and was slightly inhibited. Today, I give it my best and I love dancing.” Deepika Paducone.