The perfect Neon Lips for the Summer

Vibrant and bright makeovers like neon lips have trended this summer at their best. Hot neon lips are great for day and night. With bold, bright neon lips, you can simply accentuate the beauty of any of your outfit and make your own style statement.

Hot pink, coral, lilac, and daring red can be chosen to follow the trend of neon lips. Check out our guide to beautiful lips.

Bright Red

Bright red will definitely be an ideal choice. The red shade that is preferred in neon colors is not the classic crimson one, but it is almost matte towards hot orange. You can wear red neon lips by making your eye makeup nude or bare with a touch of mascara only, it speaks volumes.

Red neon

Soft Coral
Soft coral is one of the sexiest shades on earth. Coral is combined with the hints of peach and pink, which makes it feminine and stylish and is a very popular colour for Uni, work or night. This hue is much softer than the bright red, which makes it easier to wear with all outfits. However, if you want to make bold neon lips with coral, you can saturate and build up the color with multiple strokes. 

Pink and Fuchsia

You have to pick the right shade of pink and fuchsia to make your own bold style appearance. When it comes to neon lip colors, hot and fluorescent fuchsia is surely an ideal choice for many girls and a hot one!

These colors look best especially on the teens and college girls. Though the intensity of these neon lip colors are much higher, but before you lose your confidence, give them a go.  Just remember pink neon lips don’t suits well on all, but by picking up a right hue, you can definitely brighten up your face and personality. As these shades are bit tricky, it would take you some time and practice to wear them with a lip liner.

Overdoing makeup will make your neon lips look louder and harsher.

hot orange

Hot Orange

How can we forget the most dramatic and stylish shade of hot orange! While hot orange is one of the boldest and most wanted shades of neon lips, it surely would require a lot of confidence and some chic personality to pull off this color. Among all the shades of neon lips, hot orange looks best on the warm undertones. If you want to wear the hot orange neon lips, keep the rest of your face mode. You must choose the right Hot Orange neon lip color according to your personality. Complimenting your Hot Orange lips, fake lashes do wonders. If you think that orange is playing louder, you can settle it down with a matte nude lipstick.