Why Ankit Tiwari Dropped Out Of Bollywood Showdown?

After an hour late and a few technical problems, Atif arrived late to the Birmingham show on the 29th August. Bollywood Showdown promoter David Rana promised the public Ankit Tiwari will be performing with Atif Aslam, but gave the public only Atif Aslam? Some random dancers and no Atif Aslam until after the intermission?

What a disappointment for all the Ankit Tiwari fans in the UK, not only did David Rana not pay Ankit to come to the UK, he didnt even sort out the visa?

Atif Aslam is performing live at the O2 arena today, Sunday 30th August 2015 and Ankur Tiwari has confirmed that Ankit will not perform without payment. Seem’s pretty fair to us.

Ankur Tiwari from Brotherhood Entertainment Pvt Ltd clarified the situation to Bollywood Eye newspaper earlier this week and say’s that he has a very good working relationship with other UK and International promoter’s such as Jay Kotak and Farhath Hussain.

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