Top 5 must see Attractions in London

London is home to some of the most iconic attractions in the world, from  historic and heritage landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to more recent constructions like the Shard,  O2 and the London Eye.

Here we pick our top 5 must-see attractions for London visitors.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

1) Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of the most distinctive examples of Victorian engineering. Designed in 1884, it allowed large ships to pass unobstructed along the Thames in London. The Bridge also houses an excellent expo about Mechanics and History of the bridge.

The high-level walkways offer a fantastic view of London in the daytime and night. It is still raised and lowered two or three times a day and is just as awe-inspiring today as it was when it was first built.

2) House of Parliment

Houses of ParlimentHouses of Parliment

Once a royal residence, the Palace of Westminster – more commonly known as the Houses of Parliament – has been the seat of the British Government since the 16th Century.

Visitors from India, China, South Asia, Europe and all over the world can visit Parliament to go on daily tours and watch debates.

The Houses of Paliment include the Clock Tower affectionately known as the famous Big Ben.


 3) Buckingham Palace

Buckingham PalaceBuckingham Palace

A visit to Her Majesty’s place of residence is a must if you have never been. The Palace has 775 rooms, 19 State Rooms – used by the Queen and her guests for official and state entertaining however they are open to the public, between August and September each year.

Buckingham Palace contains some of the greatest treasures from the Royal Collection, including paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Canaletto, pricesless porcelain and furniture which dates back over a decade and sculptures by Canova. Parts of the Palace gardens are opened to the public during the Summer Opening weeks. A great day out.

 4) The O2

O2 London The 02 Arena London

Five years ago this building was built as the Millennium Dome and was suppose to be deconstructed after a few years, who would have know that it would  become one of the biggest, most successful entertainment complexes in the world?

The O2 seats 23,000 and has hosted events with mega-stars such as Kylie Minoque, Prince, Atif Aslam, Lady Gaga, Bipasha Basu, Malika Arora Khan, Kanye West, Jay Z,  as well as many otherinternational sporting events  and artists.

The O2 complex has many bars, a three storey nightclub and restaurants to dine in which serve Sushi to Indian food. Its a great way to spend a quality evening night out with friends and families. It also holds smaller live music venue, exhibition space for art expos, bridal shows and an 11-screen cinema to enjoy the very best in movies and cineama.

5) St Paul’s Cathedral

St Pauls CathedralSt Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s is London’s Cathedral and embodies the spiritual life and heritage of the British people.

St Paul’s Cathedral acts as an important meeting place for people and ideas, as a centre for the arts, learning and public debate. St Paul’s is the Cathedral of the Diocese of London.

The Diocese is made up of five episcopal areas: Willesden, Edmonton, Stepney, London and Kensington.

Four of these have an Area Bishop, to whom the Bishop of London, The Right Reverend and Right Honourable Richard Chartres, delegates certain responsibilities.

The Cathedal runs tours and is open all year round for visitors to visit and makes a great day out for Groups and Families.

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